The High-speed Web-based Assistant

Currently monitoring over 25 sites and over 500 products.


Fast Notifications

Our notifications are sent out in fractions of a second when items become available.

Lightning Speeds

Each monitor runs on its own server allowing for fully dedicated resources and speed.


Automatic rotating premium high-speed ISP proxies to keep notifications coming without delay.

One for All

Pay a low monthly cost for all of our monitors allowing you to start-up without breaking the bank.

Discord Monitors

Join our discord and stay up-to-date on all new releases, monitor and item requests!

ACO in the Works

We’re currently working on a ways to auto-checkout directly from Discord Notifications.

Heard enough?


01 — Create an account on PostDigi

Create an account and purchase access to our Discord Shared Monitors.

02 — Add to Discord

After purchase, head to your account dashboard and click Launch on Discord Shared Monitors.

03 — Set-Up

Once added to discord, search for the channel pd-monitor-setup and follow the instructions.

04 — Success!

Start getting notifications allowing you to secure drops at a moment’s notice.

Access is limited. Don't miss your chance!



Monthly Cost

Get Access

Discord Shared Monitors*

25+ Monitors

$49 / Month (14 Day Trial)

Get Access

Discord Amazon Monitor

Shared (Filtered)



Discord Walmart Monitor

Shared (Filtered)


Sold Out

*Price may scale with new additions.


Q: How do I get access?

Access to our apps are limited. While we are offering free access to a few user during the beta testing,  our official launch will only have access for up to 30 users.

Q: Why can't I control my watched items?

Currently, we’re only offering shared editions to our apps. At a later date we will add dedicated monitors as well as filtering systems to our shared apps.

Q: I need help setting up...

Please refer to our Documentations page for help setting up monitors.