What are Discord Monitors?

Discord monitors power discord servers with channels that get notifications when products become available on retailer sites. Want to know when BestBuy gets a fresh stock of graphic cards or when Supreme releases new drip? Discord monitors help consumers stay ahead of the competition.

Discord Monitors Options

Shared Item Monitors

At $79, you can create your own cook group with our Shared monitor plan. Our Shared plan sends live notifications to your Discord server allowing users in your group to stay up-to-date and on top of drops as they become available. All members of the Shared plan will see the same feed and is managed by PostDigi. We evaluate requests for additions. Currently monitored items will be displayed on our documentation page.

Unique Server Monitors (Coming Soon)

At $39 per monitor, you can create your very own unique cook group. After installing, you can manage your watchlist with Discord commands that allow you to add, delete and see a list of current items. Each unique monitor exist on their own dedicated server—allowing full use of resources. Unique monitors may only be installed on one discord server. A list of all commands will be available on our documentation page.

Discord Autobot Monitors

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How to setup

Step One

After purchasing a membership, go to dashboard and click “Launch” under the monitor you’d like to add to your Discord server. Choose the server and authorize it.

Step Two

In Discord, type “![platform] help”, where [platform] gets replaced by platform name, and hit enter. For example, if you install Supreme on your server, type “!supremehelp”.

Step Three

The !help command should return the install and uninstall commands. To finish installation type “![platform]install” in discord and it should automatically create a channel.