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Welcome to PostDigi. Here you’ll find documentation on using our monitors, purchase assistants and website.

Creating an Account

To create an account, please click on the “login” tab in our navigation bar at the top or click here.

Editing you account (links)

Please use the following links to make changes to your account or membership.

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Payment Methods


Shared Monitors

Getting Started

Our shared monitors are the quickest and easiest way to get started monitoring on Discord. Shared monitors are called shared monitors because they are exactly that! It’s a monitor that has 1 list of items and everyone shares the same notifications.

Currently we’re working on adding filters to our Shared monitors so that users can pick which items on the watch list they want to receive notifications for. Controlling which items you’re watching will be controlled using discord commands.

Once finished, shared monitors will be called filtered monitors.

Shared monitors are a great option for those who are starting a cook group without breaking the bank! We accept item watch requests via our discord:

Get Access

To begin, head on over to our Monitors page and scroll down to the “Discord Autobot Monitors” section.

Next to “Discord Monitors (All)” click “Get Access”. This will add the item to your cart and send you to the cart page.

Proceed to check out.

After, you’ve completed the checkout process, click on Dashboard.

Set up

Where to find your Shared monitors

After checkout click on dashboard and you will see “Shared Discord Monitors”. Click launch.

Once you’re at the add to discord page, go through and add each monitor one by one.

Note: You must add each monitor one by one in order for the set up process to work properly.

You CAN NOT rename the channels they create.

Adding new items

Please join our Discord server and use the item request ticket to request to monitor new items.