How it works

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Walmart Purchase Assistant

Purchasing Made Automated

The W.P.A. is an automated assistant that will purchase a product you tell it to purchase. If the product is unavailable, W.P.A. will refresh the page and try again.

First, make sure you have your Walmart account ready to purchase with a payment method and address already set up.

Then, launch W.P.A through your Account > Apps.

Next, Feed it a link and account info (we do not store this info) and watch as it logs its actions!

After set up, it will run ~45 checks per minute to see if the product has been made available and make the purchase.

Here’s a video of the setup process: Youtube video

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How Dispatch works

Send mass messages.

Dispatch links to a google spreadsheet that we invite you to edit. From the spreadsheet, you can add and store numbers and a message to send out.

Currently out for android only, we use your phone’s service provider to send from your phone number so the cost of text messaging still applies. If your service has unlimited messaging there are no additional costs.

We also allow you to purchase Dispatch for unlimited use for a flat fee of $800.

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How Autogram Works

Raiseing brand awareness.

We increase your instagram presence by keeping your account active and engaging with other users with similar interests. We use hashtags to target and unique comments that you create.

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How to use Engagement Checker

Take record!

With our free engagement checker, you can see how many followers interact with you and which posts your audience gravitate towards the most.

Not just for your account but any account!

Look up your competition and understand more about how their followers interact with their account.

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